Welcome to Gold Mine Sports!

 My expertise is in the NFL/NCAAF, NBA/NCAAB, NHL, MLB, and pga golf 

 Countless hours of research are put in each and every day to help you beat the books year round just like I have for the last 15 years now! A typical day for me is 12-14 hours of research to find the best value on the board it's a full time job! Lucky for you I do all the work for you as many of you have full real time jobs and don't have the time to dedicate all that is needed to be successful at this!

Oddsmakers must put lines on every game. My job is to identify value and find an edge in the games for you. I bet all the same games you do so if you don't win i don't win! And I don't know about you, but i like to win! I make a great living betting my selections and the goal is for you to do so as well so I have opened up my selections to the public!

I am honored and  thrilled to now be serving over 1,300 members helping you beat your bookies!!

My mission is to help you start making money with your sports betting and treat it as an INVESTMENT so you have profits not only short term but also long term. If you follow the money management system laid out for you then success awaits you! Those of you who have been with me for multiple seasons know what I'm talking about and I love hearing your success stories of what the selections and money management strategies have done for you, including sending you on a nice vacation and helping put a down payment on a home!I love hearing that! 

Let me help you reach your goals!  By no means will you “get rich overnight” this is a long term investment and should be treated as so if you want success in this. Feel free to reach out, love conversing with you all and welcome again to gold mine sports! Hope you have a great season! I know that I will!

What our clients have to say:


"These guys are just legit fire, can't thank you enough!!" -Jim S. Peoria, AZ

"No joke literally was able to make a down payment on my house because of the money you made me. Thank you I owe it all to you. You're right if you stick with it and follow the system you're golden! I admit it took me a bit of time to follow the system exactly but now that I have the rest is history!" -Shawn G. Houston, TX

"I told my wife pick anywhere she wants to go for our 10 year anniversary thanks to your service. Thank you man much appreciated." -John S. San Francisco, CA

"I was a bit nervous at first to give it a try but your prices are so reasonable I gave it a shot. I started off losing my first day and wasn't sure about this but then you rattled off 6 straight winning days! Unreal! Been with you ever since. Client for life thank you so much!!" -Crystal Y. Boulder City, NV

"You're the real deal. 3rd full season with you now and I just jump to the season passes now saves me the most money and I've seen what you do. It's not even fair, you're too good thanks bud. For your prospective clients tell them at least try it out a week they won't regret it." -Jeff V. Salem, OR

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